Thursday, January 1, 2009

You are a two-faced jerk
And I am getting tired of it!
You treat me no better than dirt
I want to turn two again just so I can throw a fit.

I knew you didn’t mean it,
Why did I fall for that trick again?
I don’t understand it a bit.
Is this the end?

I’m glad you aren’t the one,
That would’ve been a mistake.
This isn’t any fun,
You are so fake.

I do not know how much more I can take,
You are tearing me apart!
I mean for goodness sake!
It hits me like a dart.

You don’t care,
And that makes e so frustrated
But I know life’s not fair
This is so complicated

I am so confused,
Do I or not?
I bet you are amused
I wish we had never fought.

I wish you had not found out
That messed everything up.
I have no doubt
That you gave up
I have to learn from that mistake
Keep hanging with her although it’s not fair
I know how to fake
I will pretend not to care.

If you only knew
The real person behind her
Nothing new
She has not changed, der.

Keep on with your life
I do “not” care
Although it cuts like a knife
This is NOT fair!