Friday, August 28, 2009

You're Right

If you were aware of what you have already done to my heeart,
You'd be wide eyed.
At the thought of breaking my heart
So what if this song has been sang before

You promised to try not to
But I know if you stop caring
That's down the road
I'll cherish the now although

It's not like I assume it
But when everything you hear
Is telling you are wrong
It gets to a point where you become confused.

Pardon me for believing I can do something
You're right
I can't last
All because you can't.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh Boy

Stop for just one second
Think ahead five years,
Who will be there?
What will you be doing?

Is that not even a bit frightful?
It is to me
I am scared to grow up
Can the time just freeze?

The joys of being five,
Not a care, nor a worry
Then ten years later
And everything is whisking by.

The responsibilties,
The work,
The pressure to be yourself
When there is no time to even figure out who that is.

The weight seems too much
When in fact it has just began
I know He's on my side
Now if I could only remember.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


This can't be real
I don't deserve you
Not even in a dream like this.

I can't actually be awake
He left
And you entered.

I think it was true all along
I went for someone like him
To find he wasn't what I thought

I want a guy
To say something
And mean it

For once
I want someone to be afraid
Of me leaving.

I'm deep in my dreams
I can't do what I wish
Cause when I wake up

You'll be gone
I'll continue on
With a broken heart.

I knew it
You're not what I deserve
I'm sorry.

I wish I'd never ruined it
I can't believe me
If only I could make it up to you.

My Dreams

I close my eyes
Just so I can see
Those dreams.

Everything I could for
But of course would never happen
At once.

The boy, the happiness, the certainity
In one package
In MY hands.

The nightmars come too
They overshadow the dreams
And I am left standing there empty handed.

Defying the Odds

We don't have a chance
Or so I've been told.

But you're my hearo
And I want to follow along.

Connect your fingers with mine
And don't let go.

Let's prove them wrong
And leave them dazzled.

Hang on tight
It won't be smooth.

I've just one quetsion
Do you wanna defy the odds with me?

Let Me Know

I've sang this song a million times
But please hear me out.

You're my world
And I ain't letting go.

Please hold me
As tight as you can.

I miss your smile
And everything about you.

Let me know
You're there.

Let me know
You care.

My future

Why does everyone think they know my future?
When I am the one deciding.
How am I to learn if I don't?
I am sorry to say this but MY future is MINE,
Not yours!

Just release me,
Allow me to succeed and fail
Don't conduct my life
I won't interfere with yours
If you step out of mine

Hold up!
I am done asking
I am taking control
Pardon as your fingers are shut in the door
I have no need to apologize

You are in fact to blame
For all the junk now
Not me
If you'd just live your life
I'd live mine.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Shut your mouth
I don’t want to hear another word
I am off of this battlefield
I have removed the sword
I wish you’d leave it lying there
But I know you won’t
You will drag me back
I’ll be stuck on these grounds for years
Until I prove you wrong
Maybe even after

I am running
But the ground moves as I do
Or so it seems
It speeds up
You grab the sword and throw it as hard as you can
Right into my heart
I constantly pull it out
But you pick it up and throw it again
It hits the mark
Hurting worse than before

If it’s what it takes
I’ll do it
I’ll throw the sword back
To make you learn
Hand it over
I won’t miss
Now leave me alone!