Friday, December 31, 2010

Chapter Five of Prove Your Love

Berkley jerked her backpack up and threw it on her back as soon as the bell rang; she wanted to get away from Emma as soon as possible. She knew the tears were about to come again. She couldn’t even believe that Bradley had dared bring up Sam. He knew how badly she regretted that relationship. He seemed to always love to bring it up although. It also looked like he knew exactly when she had practically forgotten Sam, when he chose to say anything about it. Irony, what a funny thing it was.

Berkley rolled her eyes as she sat her backpack down next to the mirror in the bathroom. She pulled out her makeup bag and pulled out a q-tip to wipe away the smudged eyeliner she’d happened to miss. Her eyes widened at her appearance, her face was blotchy and she had a dent in her lip from biting it so hard. Berkley didn’t think she had cried that long, but she applied some foundation quickly and threw on some eyeliner as quickly as she could. She finished right before the second bell rang and she realized she would either have to run to class or be late. She chose to half run, half walk. Luckily, she slid into her seat right before the final bell rang. She looked to see who was sitting next to her, turned out it was a really annoying girl. “Great.” Berkley mumbled to herself.

Considering that she had nobody to talk to this class period, she spent her time wondering how she would explain to Nick her signing off last night. She didn’t really have a reason. She could lie, but she would feel bad about that. By the end of class Berkley still didn’t know what she was going to say and lunch was only two hours away. Normally, she’d ask Emma for help, but since Emma would freak out saying she was totally in love; she figured that wasn’t the best choice. She decided that she would just let it go as it went, maybe even tell him she signed off frankly because she wanted to have something to talk about at lunch. The truth wasn’t always the best choice although. He would probably think she was weird and never talk to her again. Even though Berkley wasn’t interested in him, that would still break her heart to lose him so quickly.

Berkley arrived in homeroom & pulled out her iPod. She always thought well when she was listening to music. Her decision came while she was listening to I Just Laugh by Nevershoutnever. She knew she would just have to tell him the truth and hope for the best. She didn’t want to start out a friendship with a lie, no matter how small.


Lunch came a little faster than Berkley would have liked and she still hadn’t recovered from Bradley’s comment. She knew she had to face Nick, soon, or she never would. She gulped back and sat down at their table and waited for him as patiently as a little child awaiting Santa’s arrival. She tapped her nails on the table as her heart pounded violently inside of her chest. She heard a heavy breathing and turned around quickly hoping to see Nick, but nobody was there. Her eyes widened when she turned around, only to find Nick himself. “Why so jumpy?” Nick greeted her with.

“Hello to you too, ninja,” she replied trying to control her shaking voice.

“So are you going to explain why you jerkishly signed off on me last night?”

“Are you in English this semester, because I’m pretty sure jerkishly isn’t a word,” Berkley said in an attempt to calm herself.

Nick laughed, “To answer your question, I’m not in English this semester. Now it’s your turn to answer my question.”

“You want the truth?”

“No I want the funniest lie you can think of. Berkley, yes I want the truth.”

“Okay, then,” Berkley gulped as if she was about to tell the biggest secret in the world, “I signed off because, as dumb as it sounds, I wanted something to talk about to today. I wanted to add to the suspense.” She sighed as she felt a heavy burden lift from her shoulders.

Nick chuckled and said, “Really, that’s quite funny. I’m sure we could have found something to talk about without that although. It’s not like I would have given up after one day, you know that right?”

“Of course...” Berkley replied quickly and shortly as Nick looked at her with a puzzled look but he just brushed it off and proceeded to ask about her day and then tell a story about chemistry class and a random explosion.

Berkley left lunch relieved that he hadn’t rolled his eyes or seemed to think she was crazy. She was also pleased that she had told the truth.

She had also come to a realization, she couldn’t ever let herself fall for him, even a tad. She would fall head over heels before she could catch herself and maybe even before he’d be willing to catch her himself.

Last Day of 2010

Today is so bittersweet, it's the last day of 2010, which means a new year starts tomorrow. Time for those NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! I've decided not to really make any this year.
Are y'all making any? If so what are they?
Leave a comment below.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Saviour.♥

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! I hope Santa was really good to you & you ate way to much for your own good.

It's snowing here, what a great and white Christmas here. ♥ I've had a wonderful Christmas except for the fact of being sick for some of the day, but it's okay, i wasn't actually sick until we were done visiting and then i slept for five hours and then i got sick but i feel one hundred percent better now.
I guess it's time to go take pictures of the white christmas, well after i clean up my room(:
Hundred percent chance of snow here all night long.

I hope you all had a great dayy.
love you guys!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love you guys,

It made my night to see that I had twenty-one followers. You guys are the best.
i love you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Writer's Block....

I am not a fan of writers block, at all. I am only on chapter four of my book.... and i'm STUCK, stuck like a splinter in my finger. If you haven't read it.... can you please click the tab, prove your love and read... if you please and share your ideas...That'd be great.
I love you guys!

Friday, December 17, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

I thought I would do a post about what's on my Christmas list.

....keyboard, so that I can play piano late at night when I can't sleep & don't feel like leaving my roomm. I've never been quite a fan of keyboards, mostly because piano is way better, but I think it'd be nice to be able to play whenever I want.

....pandora charms, like a music note, horse, horseshoe, peace sign, heart....

....clothes! you can never have too many!

.....Glee Christmas cd.

.....movies, like Fever Pitch, Eclipse

.....itunes gift cards!

What are you asking for?
Leave a comment! (:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What Wednesday

So what if....
It was nine degrees when I left for school this morning... it's still been a good day.
I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open... I refuse to take a nap.
My hair won't stay out of my face... I don't like it clipped back.
I should be doing something more productive?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

My top two favorite childhood games would have to be....

1. Life
 2. Battleship.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Christmas Time, it's such a wonderful wonderful time. Well, except for the suffocation when you go into Wal-mart. Also, trying to find that perfect gift for somebody is hard. I am stuck in that same position, I have no idea to get my best friend, I'm starting to find she is so hard to buy for. : / Ohwell, I have thirteen days to figure it out! Can you believe that Christmas is so close? I sure can't. I am just ready to get out of school for awhile and of course to go shopping, when I finally get paid.

Our Christmas tree is FINALLY up(: Now if we can just get some presents under the tree to add to the look(:

Friday, December 10, 2010


Okay, so I may have shared before that I have a nephew, Maddox. Well, he's technically a big brother too, he's going to be having a little sister in about twelve weeks. I'm so excited to have a niece. Her name is going to be Emma Louise Houghton. My sister had her 3d ultrasound for her today, and it was just like ohhh! She's really really gonna be here soon! I just love little girls(and little boys). If you want to see all the progress of her room & all the little clothes and hairbows and headbands my sister has already gotten for her... Head over to my sister's blog, Houghton Happenings .
love you guys!

West Row, U know??


Have you ever heard of them? If not, DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?! It is a high school in Mount Ulla, North Carolina. They hold the nation's record becaues they haven't lost a varsity football game in forever. Their record is 45-0. They have won two state titles and go up for their third one tomorrow at three o'clock p.m! They will be playing at North Carolina State University against Eastern Alamance. They played them in the state championship and won. GO FALCONS! (:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

So What Wednesday... on Thursday

So what if....

  • It's Thursday and I'm doing so what Wednesday?
  • It's almost Christmas and I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet?
  • I am addicted to eating whipped topping?
  • I am too stubborn to do anything other than sit on the computer?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Ornaments.

I love my dream ornament, it stays up year round in my room, It's glittery, so i love it(:

This ornament is also glittery, yet it's called All About Shoes. It's a Hallmark ornament, a barbie one to be exact. I bought it in I think October. It is my all time favorite so far. It has shoes at the ornaments and a shoe box as the tree stump.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just a Dream Cover/Remix (Nelly)- Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

These guys are such GREAT singers and totally worth checking out just listen to them and enjoy(:

Quite A Day

Today was kinda sorta stressful. I went to work around nine this morning and as I was driving it started to snow, so I was like yayy(: It's going to be a great day. I get to work and I'm working up front so I go to turn on the door and nothing exciting happened. Somebody walks up to and it doesn't open, I"m like no. this. is. not. happening. So turns out the sensor on it was frozen, so we had to leave the door OPEN. It's like 20 something degrees out and I'm sitting up there in a sweater that is like knitted so it has little holes in it, freezing myself. It was just lovely. My boss came in to get some drinks and he's like trying to fix the door and he takes it off it's tracks and puts it back on, turns out he broke it more. He pulled it too far off the track and it wouldn't go back on. Great. Then, it's snowing harder AND sticking out and it's all good again. I had only 30 minutes left til I was gonna leave and my mom calls to say that I wasn't driving home and that somebody would pick me up so I was going to have to stay and leave my car. Well, it was two o'clock and I hadn't had lunch, because I was going to eat when I got home, well I had to walk in that snow coming down so hard to the coffee shop across the little shopping center and they cashier yelled at me because I didn't know where their specials sign was. I went back to work & ate and my mom picked me up and actually told me I could drive, so I got in my car ready to drive away, pulled up to pull out of the shopping center and this ABNOXIOUS beeping starts and a red engine light comes on. I had to back off of the road and park and wait for my mom ONCE more. Luckily after about twenty minutes it went off and I drove home with my mom following behind me. Then I get home wearing my favorite sweater of all time and my wet and muddy dog jumps on my stomach and get it's all muddy, great!  It was  quite annoying day to be snowing. Now all of the snow has melted, basically and it's just raining outside.

So yeah, this is how my lovely day went, but I did actually get a picture of the snow at the coffee shop. It was very pretty(:

I hope everyone had a way better day so far than I have.
Love you guys!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Santa....

Dear Jolly Saint Nick,
I thought it had been wayyyy too long since I wrote you a letter, probably not since first grade, I figured I needed to catch up with you. Well you know, considering Christmas is right around the corner. I am sure you are super busy right now, but hey I figured you'd wanna hear from the girl who is always good. Yeah, I figure you are laughing at that right now, but who even cares? How have you been? I've been pretty good. I am so excited for Christmas Eve, just because I know you will be visiting my house. I must get a few things out of the way.... I find it pretty stalkerish that you know where I live and only come when I'm sleeping. I'm sure you've stolen something from some house, atleast once in your life. I mean, wouldn't it stink if you had like diabetes too or were lactos intolerant? I mean, I wonder with all that cookie eating, maybe you would become it? I sure hope not, because I do enjoy leaving you cookies to munch on to get you through the night. How do you even stay awake all night? Do you load up on energy drinks? Do you get jetlag? These questions haunt me! Please, please, write back. I'd love you forever if you did. I figure you were expecting me to tell you what I want, so I'd say Rudolph, an autographed picture of Rudolph, some cookies, you to steal that carton of milk out of our fridge (yuck), a santa hat, a picture of you and Mrs. Claus (what is her first name? ) on vacation and can you autograph that? I would love a dolly and an etch a sketch. Okay! Thanks! Oh and what about that unicorn? I mean seriously, I've been asking for that since I was like two! I guess a new laptop would be nice and some clothes. Okay, thanks! I'll leave you extra cookies & maybe even a Monster if you reply back.
Love you!
From your favorite teenager.(:

P.S. I've been EXTRA good this year. (:

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Now that my break out of singing is over..... I can say that this is one of my favorite Christmas songs, atleast it is in fact stuck in my head today. Carol of the Bells is my second. (: It's even better when it's the Glee Version. What is your favorite Christmas song? Leave a comment below(:
love you guys!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey you Guys!

Hye Guys! It's the first day of December!  I can't even believe how close Christmas is, better yet CHRISTMAS BREAK from school! I will be spending about all of my break working, but oh well, that means extra money. and funny customers. I am actually excited to be working on Christmas Eve, because I just get to wrap presents for customers or walk around the store talking to customers, it'll be great. I will dress all Christmas like too! (: It's crazy that I'm excited to be spending eight hours at work on Christmas Eve, but heyy, oh well. Christmas is just lovely, it makes me smile. Definetly my favorite holiday of all time!
I'm not even quite too sure what I even want for Christmas yet, is that sad? I just haven't sat down and thought about it.
What do you guys want for Christmas, leave a comment. (:

I just adore this song, I thought you guys should check it out too. A FIFTEEN year old made this video. Talk about a lot of free time. (: Isn't it great?
Love y'all!