Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out Of My Hands

With rights being jerked away from me
Left and right
I'd expect to feel defenseless
Yet I feel strong and ready to fight
I feel hopeful and in pain
I feel happy and useless
There's one right that will never leave
Even if it's demanded
The right to be me
And part of me is loving you
Yet another is us.
And that's been taken
So i assume never got shorter
And I'm losing every right
This is before my eyes
Yet out of my hands.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Beautiful Nightmare

All the promises you made have turned
into awful memories
And all memories have turned
into cruel jokes
The pain from them
could make a nightmare seem beautiful.
I should have listened to all they said
But there's no going back
I am lonely and I love you
yet that means nothing anymore
You used to be the one
I turned to when I was this upset
But how do you turn to the one
who hurt you?
Love only makes the pain worse
Yet  i still cling to it.
You're my best friends
how could I?
I'll love you for a long time
But what's even the point?
To say I don't need you
Would be a lie
Or to say I don't want you would be cray
Am I nothing to you?
Time to face my beautiful nightmare.... alone


To think how fastly it ended
Sends me spinning and puts me in pain.

It seemed unreal and cray
Until a strange peace came over me.

I am proud of you, for having courage
That's something I lack.

I felt worthless at irst
But then I remembered all you used to say

I still trust and I love you but
I know I'm not longer lucky to be loved by you.

So this is my goodbye
To us, to all we were and coulda been.

My goodbye to your love and my hopes
My love just won't leave

Love stories don't mean the same anymore
so I'll choose to stay out of them.

I'll say goodbye to them too
Atleast while I'm getting started

So once again I'm saying goodbye
To us and hello to me

I'm saying hello to who I can be
And to the one who'll never leave me.

But I have one last plea
No more goodbyes, please?