Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello my wonderful followers! It has been ages since I've been on here. One

I've returned to do answer interview questions for my wonderful friend, Erica, at Tinseltown Tirade. Check out her blog for some wonderful reviews on many different movies(:

Here goes the answers.....*bites nails*

What made you start a blog?

*closes left eye and distorts mouth a little, attempting to remember exactly.* I was in eighth grade and we were required to make a blogger account because our homework assignments were required to be posted on a class blog. I remember looking at my dashboard and seeing that I was a member of two blogs and wondering why oh why I didn't make one. I thought long and hard about what I should make it on. It finally hit me, POETRY. I would write poetry a lot, like nonstop in middle school and I wanted somehow to compile it all, neatly. So I made a blog. It kind of just blossomed in a writing blog and now just a whatever, totally me blog. It consists of poetry, books, short stories, essays, top two Tuesdays and photography galore.

What type of readers are you hoping to attract?
My wish is to attract just about anyone. Mostly females in their teens until about thirties. I just kind of am myself on here, so it's probably meant more for teenagers around my age.

What career do you hope to have in the future?
My goal is to be a registered nurse in a hospital. I'm thinking along the lines of children. I was actually just thinking about this today because I thought it would be cool to be a doctor, but then again.... I'm not so sure if I could deal with that much schooling and that much of a loan to pay off. I'd also like to maybe have my own photography business on the side, just as like a part-time hobby. We will see what the future holds although(:

What type of writing are you most interested in?
I've started to find out that I like more of the older writing. Not quite the Iliad poetic style, but Shakespeare,Tolstoy and those types. The metaphors and depth of the writing keeps me hanging on an edge. My favorite genre of writing would probably have to be tragedy, action and definitely romance.

Favorite books?
My all time favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I also adore the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn. My second favorite series is the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. (duhh)
Another all time favorite of mine is The Holy Bible. The action, promises and just how well I can relate to it keeps me very entertained.

Who is your role model?
My role model is......well..... this is a very hard question. I look up to a lot of people, but  I can't quite say I have an actual role model. Then again, if I think about it a little harder, Jesus Christ is my role model. He painted a wonderful picture of how I should live my life and I really try to be like Him more everyday.

Do you have advice for people who want to start a blog?
My advice for those who would like to start a blog is to have a set theme for your blog before you start branching off into other topics. You will get overwhelmed and a little tired of it too quickly. I advise you also to try to atleast post something of meaning once a week (not like me and wait months before coming back) Involve the reader, include polls in your posts and add something they can reply to in a comment. Don't be discouraged if you aren't getting followers, go to other peoples blogs and follow them and ask them nicely if they'd check out your blog and if they like it, if they will follow it.

What is your life like now?
My life is HECTIC. I am a sophomore in high school attempting to build up things that I can put on those dreaded college applications that I will be filling out sooner than later. I am planning on taking the SAT this summer so I'm trying to do my best in my classes so  I don't have to study near as much. I have a part-time job and that also keeps me busy. I have a boyfriend also, so I usually have plans to do something with him when I'm not doing homework and working. I have a nephew and niece so I spend whatever free time I can find with them.

What are your plans for the future?
The only plans I have for the future currently is to graduate from high school, go to college, get a nursing degree, graduate, work, get married, start a family. I hope to leave behind a personal legend like in the Alchemist too.

What is your favorite movie?
I actually have tons of favorite movies but I'll just mention two.
My number one favorite is Fever Pitch. It is a romance story about a girl who falls in love with a school teacher who shockingly isn't married. He seems perfect but she discovers he has a huge passion for the Boston Red Sox and goes to just about everything they have game wise and training wise. She falls in love too quickly and finds out that he is willing to give up just about everything and she needs to start giving up things too.
My second favorite is the Princess Bride. It is a WONDERFUL romance story about Buttercup and Wesley. Their love seems like it will never be when Wesley goes missing and Buttercup is destined to marry the king whom she does not love. When Buttercup is kidnapped just so they can get money from the king, a pirate shows up and rescues her. All this time she still loves Wesley greatly, but she never knows if she will see him again.
I recommend both of these movies, they are amazing and you will thouroughly enjoy them.
Once again, I apologize greatly for not posting in a long time but to make up for it, I reccomend a blog with a blogger that posts reguarly. Go check out Tinseltown Tirade right now!