Saturday, August 23, 2008


Why do guys have to break your heart
Just when you think you've found the missing part?

You think the pain is finally ending
just when it need even more mending

My heart will s till wonder and sigh
but I won't even ask why

I will pretend I don't care
even though I feel my heart will never repair.

Please comment and tell me what you think. Tell the truth about it too.
This isn't really a poem I don't really know what it is but I thought I would post it. Tell me what you think and please tell the truth.


Life is like a flower. Sometimes you grow tall and sometimes you have a drought and feel like you can't make it. People walk all over you and you can't say anything to stop them because they have forgotten you are there. My life feels like this sometimes. I just get left behind and nobody seems to care if I am there or not. To get through these time is tough. I promise God will send someone to help you get through it. Life will get better! Also remember that flowers are wonderful and beautiful plants and people love to put them in their house for decoration.They take care of you and won't let people walk all over you. You are beautiful and people will help you in your time of need. Just reach out and people will grab,pull you in, and put you in a pot to bloom into the beautiful flower you are.
-written 10-5-07-
I Wish

I wish you met all my qualities and didn't ever mess up,
You'd care enough to ask me sup.

You'd tell me I'm lying when I said I'm alright,
You wouldn't mind if I woke you up in the middle of the night.

You'd apologize when you hurt me
You try to see the way I see
I wish you could be everything I wanted you to be.

Please tell me what you think about this one.

Friday, August 22, 2008

One of my poems. Just a warning though I was mad when I wrote this. I am sorry for the harshness.

thanks A lot Jerk
You say you wnat to get to know me
but I see the true you
It's just a bunch of lies
You say you'll get a new emails and we'll talk then
but how many days ago has that been?
I trusted you
believer the things you said
Although I've never really talked to you
Everyone syas you're just nervous
I won't fall for that again
No matte how hard i try i have to fall for you
even though you won't be there to catch me
You'll be gone next year
I won't ave to fear
you ever again
but i won't miss the lies
that trick me everytime
how can i be so stupid?
I guess it's because I like you so much.
They go straight to my heart
where it hurts so so much
I thought they'd heal it
atleast for a little while

The tears just come why am I so dumb
How can i believe all the lies I guess my heart wants them to be true
Maybe it'd heal the brokeness you caused!
I try to forget you
but it doesn't work
My heart doesn't listen to my brain
My brain says you aren't worth it but
My heart says you are.
Which should I believe

You make me so confused
Some say it's a prank
You don't want to know me
I am starting to believe that
Why shouldn't i?
If you're telling the truth
why haven't you atleast tried to talk to me?

[It seems like] nobody understands
I just pretend the pain isnt there
I'll put on my best mask
Why should you care?
You go on with your lies
Don't worry my heart is just broken

I don't really care
It doesn't matter
Just break my heart and hten say you want to get to know me
Why do you have to tbe so confusing
Always making up a new lie
Others say they've done the same
I don't care
Why can't you be different?

Please tell me what you think is it good or not. Please tell me the truth.
Just a little bit about my poetry. Yes I do write poetry but usually when I'm mad or upset so it may sound harsh but I am sorry. Personally I don't think my poetry is that good but I thought I would make a blog about it anyways. I will periodically post my poetry.