Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's wrong with me?

Maybe I care
or maybe I don't

I am starting to think
that I do

Otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here right now
Writing these words

Sitting in confusion
Trying to find out who I am.

Taking every word you've said to heart
Is it all  true?

I am starting to believe in everything I hate
Could you just take me as I am?

I am sorry for all that I do
I disappoint and surprise

I rebel and I smile
I live and I love

I hurt and I forgive
What is wrong with me????


Selfish thoughts cloud my mind
Leaving me ashamed.

I want what's best
But how could you.

I feel lost
Even thinking about it

I want to run
Or where to stay even

What do I do
or say

How am I supposed
to feel?


I sit and take it
Trying to ignore it

You think I don't listen
I really soak in every word

I apply to myself
And begin to live it

I hear every bad thing you say about me,
It eventually becomes true.

Maybe if you knew that I actually do have feelings,
You'd stop.

I highly doubt it although,
I mean who really cares what I feel

Feelings are just feelings,
Yet they become true after time.

Tell you what if you leave me be,
I'll be happy leaving you be, for the rest of your life.

Making Me Nothing

Maybe you are wrong,
maybe you are right.

Who even knows,
in a world like this

Where everything is wrong
with everyone you know

You must point it out
Until they believe it

I am officially tired of it
Don't tell me who I am

I'll be who I am
If you'll be who you are

Just because you have problems
Doesn't mean they should be on me

Maybe just maybe
I could be something

If only you'd stop trying to make me nothing
Maybe I actually do wish to succeed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love Isn't You

Love isn't defined by you
I don't try to be in

Who wants to be
Go with your friends

Laugh, gossip
Please yourself

See if I care
Love isn't you.


I'm not quiet
because I have nothing to say

I am quiet because
I have too much to say

I'm too afraid to speak out
I was never like this before

Until I was associated with you
All I can say is I'm done

I am done giving you what you want
I won't give up

I'd like for you to see
I don't do what I'm told

I rebel and I smile
To go against you

Nothing can stop me
So go ahead and hate me

See if I care
I'm fine without you.