Friday, August 22, 2008

One of my poems. Just a warning though I was mad when I wrote this. I am sorry for the harshness.

thanks A lot Jerk
You say you wnat to get to know me
but I see the true you
It's just a bunch of lies
You say you'll get a new emails and we'll talk then
but how many days ago has that been?
I trusted you
believer the things you said
Although I've never really talked to you
Everyone syas you're just nervous
I won't fall for that again
No matte how hard i try i have to fall for you
even though you won't be there to catch me
You'll be gone next year
I won't ave to fear
you ever again
but i won't miss the lies
that trick me everytime
how can i be so stupid?
I guess it's because I like you so much.
They go straight to my heart
where it hurts so so much
I thought they'd heal it
atleast for a little while

The tears just come why am I so dumb
How can i believe all the lies I guess my heart wants them to be true
Maybe it'd heal the brokeness you caused!
I try to forget you
but it doesn't work
My heart doesn't listen to my brain
My brain says you aren't worth it but
My heart says you are.
Which should I believe

You make me so confused
Some say it's a prank
You don't want to know me
I am starting to believe that
Why shouldn't i?
If you're telling the truth
why haven't you atleast tried to talk to me?

[It seems like] nobody understands
I just pretend the pain isnt there
I'll put on my best mask
Why should you care?
You go on with your lies
Don't worry my heart is just broken

I don't really care
It doesn't matter
Just break my heart and hten say you want to get to know me
Why do you have to tbe so confusing
Always making up a new lie
Others say they've done the same
I don't care
Why can't you be different?

Please tell me what you think is it good or not. Please tell me the truth.

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Taylor said...

aww mao that makes me wanna cry and i've read it b4. ik how u feel. that's happened 2 me b4. guys suck. that poem is amazing!