Saturday, August 23, 2008

This isn't really a poem I don't really know what it is but I thought I would post it. Tell me what you think and please tell the truth.


Life is like a flower. Sometimes you grow tall and sometimes you have a drought and feel like you can't make it. People walk all over you and you can't say anything to stop them because they have forgotten you are there. My life feels like this sometimes. I just get left behind and nobody seems to care if I am there or not. To get through these time is tough. I promise God will send someone to help you get through it. Life will get better! Also remember that flowers are wonderful and beautiful plants and people love to put them in their house for decoration.They take care of you and won't let people walk all over you. You are beautiful and people will help you in your time of need. Just reach out and people will grab,pull you in, and put you in a pot to bloom into the beautiful flower you are.
-written 10-5-07-

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