Friday, November 12, 2010

Amour, love, amo,

 حُب meilė 喜爱 láska kærlighed  liefde armastus rakkaus  amour die Liebe αγάπη szeretet ást sayang amore 愛 mīlestība 애정 kjærlighet zamiłowanie  amor dragoste любовь láska ljubezen amor kärlek aşk LOVE

Why all the weird words? Well, today is International To Write Love On Her Arms Day! It's to raise awareness for the nonprofit organization, by simply writing love all over your arm. People will notice & begin to ask why.
To Write Love On Her Arms is a nonprofit organization for those who are struggling with depression or still recovering. It's a wonderful thing. The international days are today and tomorrow; November 12-13th.
I encouraging you to join in.!/towriteloveonherarms

There's the link to become a fan of the organization on facebook.

Here's there website:

Come on! Spread the love!

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