Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm hopeless.

Yes that's correct, I am hopeless, a hopeless romantic that is.
You see, I daydream about relationships all the time, I freak out when one of my friends has a crush or whenever they start dating somebody. I go crazy. I wish I could take charge of all their relationships but that probably wouldn't be such a good thing. I don't always have the best judgment.
I have only had one boyfriend in my life and that only lasted a year and seven months, so why do I sit and daydream about relationships. Ohyeah, cause I'm a girl!
Uhoh! I am only sixteen years old and I am relationship obsessed. I plan out how I am going to meet my future husband all the time. I plan my wedding, I have my perfect date planned, the perfect proposal. I even write letters to my future husband that I plan to give to him when we actually get married. I think of what I see as the perfect relationship, I have yet to live it.
The thing is our God is the same way, he longs to talk to us, spend time with us, help us and love us. He's a romantic too. This is exactly where we get it from. He's the perfect friend and He longs for you way more than you long for Him. He pursues you, blesses you, wants you, created you, and most of all LOVES you. His Son died for you. He came back and now He lives in Heaven and longs for you to accept Him and want Him too.

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trisha too said...

Oh, honey, you need to relax! There is no perfect date, no perfect proposal, no perfect wedding, no perfect marriage.

Only One is perfect, yes? You got that part right, for sure, and that's definitely the most important!!!