Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey you Guys!

Hye Guys! It's the first day of December!  I can't even believe how close Christmas is, better yet CHRISTMAS BREAK from school! I will be spending about all of my break working, but oh well, that means extra money. and funny customers. I am actually excited to be working on Christmas Eve, because I just get to wrap presents for customers or walk around the store talking to customers, it'll be great. I will dress all Christmas like too! (: It's crazy that I'm excited to be spending eight hours at work on Christmas Eve, but heyy, oh well. Christmas is just lovely, it makes me smile. Definetly my favorite holiday of all time!
I'm not even quite too sure what I even want for Christmas yet, is that sad? I just haven't sat down and thought about it.
What do you guys want for Christmas, leave a comment. (:

I just adore this song, I thought you guys should check it out too. A FIFTEEN year old made this video. Talk about a lot of free time. (: Isn't it great?
Love y'all!

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