Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I just received a cordless straighter and curling iron from My Coke Rewards in hopes that I could charge them up and put them in my dash of my car or keep them in my book bag for school. That would really come in handy on bad hair days and I've been wanting a rechargeable straighter greatly. When I saw this on My Coke Rewards, I went crazy and for only 1750 points, I clicked redeem!
When it came in the mail today, I couldn't tear the tape fast enough and put them on the charger to charge.
Turns out.... You don't charge them, you put them on the "charger" turn it on, and turn on the appliances... and they heat up. Why do I need this? I guess it's pretty nifty too, but I don't know. I have a straightner but cordless and so I thought, could charge up.
Oh well. It kind of stinks, but I learned my lesson. NEVER TRUST SOMETHING FREE.

This is what they look this. I guess it works if you want to heat up your straightener and curling iron at the same time. (:

This isn't the only thing I've been disappointed by in getting on My Coke Rewards.I got a rechargeable wet and dry mini vacuum. I thought it would be cool for little messes. Turns out it barely sucks up anything and only stays charged about ten minutes. But it's good for some crumbs or lint. It was 1500 points.

It's pretty nifty, just not what I expected.

Next time, I'm saving up for either this 
I've had a pillow thing before, but I bought it at the store and it worked pretty good...until it broke. It's only 650 points so I might go for that. It's a pillow with a speaker for the middle and you plug up your ipod and play music outloud. I think I have enough points for that right now. Goes to get it(:
But the other thing I want to save my points for is 1950 points and that might not be worth it if I'm just going to be disappointed.....
They're binoculars but they take pictures too(: That sounds pretty good to me. I might just do that and hope for less or a disappointment. 

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I signed up because there were Carls Junior $5 gift cards offered for 150 points.

By the time I'd gotten the codes necessary, about a few weeks later, the item had been totally removed from the website.

Not only that, but the Coca Cola remote control truck for 1,000 points that I thought my son might like, was listed as "out of stock", so I just stopped bothering altogether.

So, after typing in 50 codes, each as long as a credit card number but with letters instead, and no zeros, I got... NOTHING.

What a ripoff!