Wednesday, November 23, 2011

you're mean one,mr.grinch.

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday.
...but it's not all it's cracked up to be. When you watch movies, families are always so jubilant and peaceful. Everything just seems to fall into place. Christmas time usually seems to fly by because of all the shopping, stressing and cooking. Christmas has turns into a way for companies to make money. Children expect toys and tons of presents at Christmas. That is all they see Christmas as. I am finding that is all I see Christmas as too, a reason to go shopping and to ask for stuff I'd never receive before. I do not expect much for Christmas considering it is not all blown out of proportion at my house anymore. Santa Claus is never a huge excitement on Christmas Eve. I stay up late like any other night, I am the youngest at the age of 17.  I do have a nephew and niece now, but they are still pretty young. Maddox(2) recognizes Santa as Claus and knows that he says, "ho,ho". I do not believe it has quite clicked yet that Santa brings gifts. I remember always getting so excited that I would get to go to the mall and take a picture on Santa's lap and leaving cookies & milk for him. I usually left carrots for the reindeer to and I was overjoyed when I found remains of the carrots at the barn the next morning. I just knew Rudolph had dropped it. Christmas is a jubilant time, but for the wrong reasons.
Christmas is when huge sales start and malls skyrocket in sales. Tons of places are hiring extra help,which could be good for the economy. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus's birth. Even though he wasn't technically born on December 25th, it is a day set aside to celebrate the birth of a miracle child and Saviour. I despise the commercialism of Christmas, yet I get so wrapped up into it.

American Eagle was having free two day shipping and a 40 percent off the entire store sale and it ended at midnight tonight. I was scrounging to find the perfect gift and save some money at the same time. I clicked to redeem my code so I could see what my subtotal would be and the SITE WENT DOWN. I truly had a mini heart attack. When I read the page, I was overjoyed. They extended their sale until SATURDAY. (by the way the code to receive forty percent off your order on American Eagle's website is 72429831) I really hope I get my Christmas shopping down early this year, but I probably will still be rushing a couple days before realizing I forgot a few. Gift cards ALWAYS work.


I went to the parade today with some family and friends and greatly enjoyed it. My nephew loved dancing and getting candy. (I'll post pictures soon).


Paige said...

Wow this is all totally true. people forget this holiday is about Jesus, and all they think about it presents. I heard that he wasn't born on Dec 25th. It makes me wonder when He was, I wish someone knew.
Great post <3

Mary Ashleigh said...

I've heard many theories and some scientist dude came to our church and they've narrowed it down to what they believe could be that he was born on September 11th.

They have it narrowed down pretty strategically from records they have discovered. It seemed logical to me, hearing the evidence...but then again he was a scientist, he can make anything sound smart.

Paige said...

Blogs to follow- (another one of Evie's blogs) (This girl is so awesome, definitely my best blogger friend) (I'm a member of this blog :D ) (This blog is cool. I guest posted here today! :p) (This girl is a really loyal follower) (Known her since the beginning, she's awesome)