Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chapter Two of Prove Your Love

Berkley walked the halls to lunch the next day, with her best friend Emma. “Oh my gosh, you have like no clue how sweet Bradley is. Did I show you what he sent me? Well of course I did. He’s so sweet! He’s so nice also. I mean his looks are just an extra. He has it all. He’s the best. I love him so much. You have like no clue, Berkley. You should get a boyfriend, it’s wonderful.”

“I’m sure, Emma.” Berkley stated sarcastically. She really just wanted to say, “Whatever, he’s going to break your heart one of these days and you’ll no longer think any of those things anymore. You’re not in love, love doesn’t exist, silly. There’s no possible way it could. Trust me. You’re wrong, I’m right.”; but she didn’t.

“You have no clue! It’s wonderful, amazing and I mean he’s my best friend too. Awh, look there he is, I’ll catch up with you later.” Emma ran to Bradley and he wrapped his hands around her waist. She placed her hands around his neck and they hugged tightly. Berkley just rolled her eyes. She sat her stuff down at their usual table and approached the line for chicken tenders and corn. Luckily, the line wasn’t that long today. There was about five people in front of her. She set her focus on food and tried to ignore Emma’s loud laughter in the next line over. She’d moved barely an inch when she was knocked forward. She turned around and there was a boy probably five foot six, with brown short hair, and the most beautiful brown eyes she’d ever seen.

“I’m sorry! I really am. I didn’t mean to like slam into you. I just got distracted and I guess hunger took over me and I was in full speed. Are you alright?”

Berkley tried to get over his looks and replied, “Oh yeah, I’m fine. It happens to the best of us. Hunger, it’s inevitable. “Berkley gave him a friendly reassuring smile. “ I’m Berkley,” she blurted out without realizing why she even introduced herself.

The boy chuckled, “ I’m Nick. I’ve seen you around school before. You’re a sophomore right?”

“Yes, I am. What grade are you?”

“I’m a junior.”

“Oh, wow. Lucky. You get to escape this place before me.”

“ Well yeah, that’s what usually happens when you’re older than someone.”

“Who ever said you were older than me? “

“Well I assumed, I was.”

“Well then you probably are, no need to argue.”

“Well don’t you think you should get your food, and maybe we should stop holding up the line?”

“Oops, maybe.” Berkley got her tray and proceeded to pay. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment. She felt like she had a little crush on Nick, but she didn’t want to date anyone. Not after her last relationship. It hadn’t ended well. No need to go through that again. She’d just brush it out, after all, she’d probably never see Nick again.

“Wait up, Berkley, we never finished our conversation.” Berkley smiled and turned in surprise to see Nick jogging up behind her. “Where’d we leave off?”

“Well, I believe you were calling me out for holding up the line.”

“I don’t think I want to continue from that. Let’s start a new conversation then. What’s your favorite color?”

“Now how do you even make a conversation off of that? It’s orange, although.”

“You might not be able to make a conversation, but you can make a relationship off of it.” Nick grinned.

Berkley turned her head a little to the side and bit her lip and smiled. NOOOO! DON’T FALL FOR HIM! DON’T DO IT! Berkley screamed in her head to herself. I’ll just become friends with him, there’s no harm with that. “Haha, okay. Like a friendship, right?”

“Well of course. Friendship is a start at least.” They sat down at a lunch table and just asked each other random questions until the bell rang, ending lunch. They bid each other goodbye and went their separate ways.

Berkley walked to class, smiling the whole way. She pulled out her phone and saw that she had six new text messages, all from Emma. They read:

Where are you???

Who’s the guy you’re with?

You are certainly smiling a lot.

Oh nooo, y’all are surely deep in conversation.

Who is he????

Uhoh, somebody’s got a crush! You need to text me details! Now!!!!

Berkley texted a reply before walking into history class.

He’s Nick, he ran into me at lunch, literally ran into me. I’ll tell you more later, I don’t have a crush, just a new friend, I promise.

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