Sunday, October 31, 2010

Versatility Award!

I am so touched, I was just getting ready for a halloween party and I got a text message from my wonderful cousin to go check out her blog. I, being the wonderful cousin too, went to her blog immediately. I was just thinking she had changed her layout and all then I was like OH, new blog posts. She was awarded the versatile blogger awared and then awarded it to me! I was so happy! There are rules although, so I guess I must obey them. (: Thank you Paige!

The rules are simple:

1.Thank and link back to the person(s) who bestowed the award

2.Share seven things about yourself

3.Pass the award to other bloggers who are 'versatile'

4.Inform the recipients

Seven things about myself.... hmmm...

Number One.
I love to write,but I mostly write when I am upset or just need to express myself.

Number Two.
I am sixteen & a sophmore in high school.

Number Three.
I am EXACTLY five foot tall. Crazyy! Yes, I am short!

Number Four.
I live on a miniature horse and llama farm. I love animals. I have always been around them and I have honestly never found an animal that I have feared. I actually think it would be fun to be a vet, but we'll see!

Number Five.
I absolutely love CHEERWINE. I have an addiction. It may not be healthy, but i love it!

Number Six.
I am a perfectionist. I get frustrated with myself because my hair is far from perfect, constantly.

Number Seven.
I love photography. I would like to minor in photography, actually.

and FINALLY the other winners of the versatile blogger award!
1. Stephanie Houghton

2. Becca!

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