Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chapter Four or 'Prove Your Love'

Berkley awoke to Kesha singing ‘Tik Tok’ at six a.m. This song always made her wonder. What did it feel like to be P-Diddy? She knew for a fact that she always woke up more tired than when she fell asleep. That never quite made sense to her either, if sleep was supposed to help you, why do you wake up more tired than when you went to bed?
Berkley yawned and began to get ready for the day. She opened her closet with a leap in her step. “What to wear, what to wear?” Berkley muttered to herself. She pulled out a pair or dark wash skinny jeans and threw them behind her where they landed on her bed. She stepped into her closet and began to pushing and pulling out shirts, never pleased with what she grabbed. Finally she found something she found suitable, a brown floral blouse with a lace along the back. She got dressed quickly and the search for shoes began. She finally found some strappy brown sandals and sat them aside. She never put on her shoes until she was about to go out the door. She didn’t find it ever necessary to wear shoes inside the house. Berkley checked the clock and then plugged in her flat iron. She grabbed her makeup box and sat it on her bed. She applied her makeup carefully even though she was half asleep she didn’t want to make a mistake.
She finished her makeup just in time to hear her flat iron beep, letting her know it was done heating up. Berkley pinned her hair up into layers and began the tedious task of fixing it. She finished in record time, twenty minutes. It usually took about thirty. She glanced at the clock to realize that she had twenty minutes until she had to leave for school. She decided to just sit and relax for that remaining time.
About five minutes later, she was bored of just relaxing so she decided to go grab something to eat for breakfast. She fixed herself some livermush and finished it, contently. About ten minutes before she was supposed to leave, she finished getting ready and zipped her bookbag and placed her purse next to it. She turned off her flat iron and sat down to put on her shoes. She grabbed up her bookbag and purse and threw them in the passenger seat of her car after letting her mom know she was leaving.

She arrived at school at 7:15 and grabbed her things and walked up to the awning to talk to her friends before the dreadful learning began. Emma and Bradley stood just hugging each other the whole time Berkley stood there. They didn’t even say hey, so Berkley decided to just walk to class early, alone. She still had about five minutes until she bell rang so she sat along the lockers outside her first period. She pulled out her phone and texted her mom to let her know she had arrived. She looked up after the message had sent, only to find Nick standing above her. She let out a little laugh and said, “So you decided to stop before you plowed into me this time?”

“Maybe, or maybe I am just adding to the suspense and as soon as you stand up I will run into you.

“Well, that would just make my day to be slammed into some lockers. I’m sure some people would think a fight was beginning, so I’d suggest you don’t.”

“Okay, but I think I might have a reason to fight you. You signed off before I could reply on facebook yesterday.”

Berkley laughed, “My bad, I wa…” The bell rang interrupting her sentence. Nick looked for her to finish but she just slipped into class with a promise to see him at lunch. Emma walked into class right after Berkley and Berkley a little smile. Berkley figured she’d seen Nick and her talking and had a smart comment. She braced herself to hear it and sure enough Emma had something to say.

“I saw you and Nick, getting pretty serious. You even left me and Bradley to go see him. Ooohlalala.”

“No, I just happened to run into him as I tried to escape you two’s little love fest.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, dear.” Class began before Berkley could say something back. She diverted her attention to the teacher and tried to ignore Emma as best as she could. She saw her out of the corner of her eye texting, probably telling Bradley about her and Nick talking before class. She also was probably making it as juicy as she could possibly make it seem. She’d hear about it later, maybe even sooner than that.

Berkley pulled out her phone to find that she had a text message from Bradley. It read, ‘Awhh, I heard about you and Nick flirting this morning too, you’re working fast with this one, missy. A lot faster than you did with Sam.’ Her eyes got wide and she shut her phone with out replying. She felt her eyes begin to cloud and she laid her head down to try and stop her tears, but as soon as she did, Mrs. Manders yelled at her to pick it up. She wiped the tears away and bit her lip to try to stop them. She figured her makeup was already running and grabbed a tissue to try to stop the smears. She was so thankful she always kept makeup in her purse. She would just have to go fix it on break.

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stephanie said...

Oh my! I love the first few sentences of Chapter four... I ask myself the same things everyday. Oh kesha. I mean ke$ha.

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