Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chapter Three of Prove Your Love

Berkley’s day continued on as normal, she survived her last class, even though it seemed to drag on a little more than usual. As soon as the bell rang she walked until she met Emma and Bradley. She rolled her eyes but fell into step with them. “Hey Berkley,” stated Bradley.

“Hello Bradley,” Berkley replied with a little sarcasm.

“I hear you have a boyfriend,” Berkley could detect the humor in his voice and saw Emma smile shyly and glance towards her mouthing, ‘sorry.’

“No! I do not have a boyfriend, you are crazy. I’m sorry for actually having a friend that happens to be a guy. My bad, can you guys just please calm down? I am not going to date again! Okay!” Berkley practically yelled to both of them and then made her feet walk a little faster so she didn’t have to walk with them.

She imagined Bradley asking, ‘What’s her problem’ and Emma replying with a shrug. She was so tired of them telling her she needed a boyfriend. She wasn’t going down that road again. Nick was just a friend, that’s all, and she made a promise to herself that that was all he was ever going to be. She wasn’t shocked that Emma had opened her mouth although and told Bradley all the little gossip she could think to come up with. It made her real angry that she thought she had the right to, but Emma was just like that. She didn’t think before she spoke. Berkley refused to get angry with her and to just let it slide, that is as long as she didn’t bring it up again.

Berkley arrived home, about fifteen minutes later and sat down to work on her homework. She didn’t have too much, just a few math problems. She finished them quickly and with ease. Math was one of her stronger subjects and it didn’t really annoy her, but it didn’t interest her all the time either. She wasn’t one of those math freaks. She turned on her computer and signed onto facebook. She had ten pointless application notifications, but she glanced at the top to see a one coming from the friend requests part. She clicked on it quickly to see a request from Nicholas Banders. She wasn’t too sure if she knew him, even though she had ninety-eight friends in common with him. She looked at his pictures and he looked familiar, then it clicked. He was Nick! He was the guy from lunch, her new found friend. How he found her, she had no clue. It kind of even creeped her out, but it made her smile at the same time. She clicked ‘confirm friend’ and went on her way with her usual boring routine on facebook. Right before she was about to sign off, a chat box popped up from Nick. It read, “you added me, (: that made my day.” Berkley laughed at his message and replied back, ‘If this makes your day, you’re having a pretty awful day. Haha.’ She signed off before he could reply, just to add to the suspense. She just wanted to see if he’d talk to her at school tomorrow, even though she had just cut him off. It was a test, if he passed. She would approve of him as a friend. If not, they were done right then and there. He had to take her when she was mad and every other emotion she could express. He got it all, or nothing at all.

Berkley sat in her room, bored. She wasn’t quite sure how to spend the rest of her afternoon. She was off work tonight and there was no more dreadful homework. She hated being bored but she didn’t enjoy having no time to herself either. She pulled out her cell-phone and checked the messages. There was one from Emma. It was rather long.

UHOH! You added him on facebook already. I’m sure it’s just so you can change your little relationship status, to in a relationship with Nicholas Banders. Awh, this is soooo cute, little Berkley is finally growing up and moving on. (: I am sooo proud of you, babe. Oh, and so is Bradley, he says good job! I say good choice, he seems like a good match for you, y’all will be soooo cute together. I know you’re still in denial over him, but y’all will honestly be dating soon enough and I’ll be there to say told you so. Hahahahaha, this is just GREAT. I am soooo proud. Loveyougirl! Text me with those details later. (:

Berkley rolled her eyes. Her best friend was such a drama queen. She was already setting them up. They had just met today and had talked only thirty minutes. Being facebook friends, was nothing. Nowadays, nobody really knew who they were friends with on facebook. They added them if they had saw them in the hallway, or heard their name over the intercom. It didn’t really make a difference. She wished Emma would slow down. She was going to scare Nick off, if he ever met her. She really hoped they would become close friends, it would be nice to have somebody else at school to spend time with and to text, to survive those classes.

Berkley glanced at the clock, to see that the time was already eight. She had just wasted her whole night, doing nothing productive at all. She let out a little laugh and slowly but surely began getting ready for the next day at school, where Nick would either pass or fail her little test.

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AMAZInG story!!!!!! I really loved it :)