Friday, November 19, 2010

New found obsession, maybe just possibly.

So I have a new favorite television show, well that is while Pretty Little Liars is on break. (btw, season two premiers January 3rd!)

Take a guess?

Hmmmm, it's like geek but add in a l in between the g and first e and drop the k. yes, that's right GLEE!
yes! Glee, for the uninformed ones, is a show about a glee club. It's mostly the outcasts of the high school with amazing vocal abilities. There's romance, humor, tons of music and dancing! It's WONDERFUL! I love it. It's season two currently. There's minis of each episode on youtube.
Just go to glee wind episode (insert number) so you can catch up and then tune into Fox on Tuesdays at eight o'clock OR you can go to and search Glee & watch the episode you missed. They only have the past five up at a time, but you should so tune in! It's a wonderful show. I recommend it.
My favorite song from last weeks episode is....
CLICK ON IT! I dare you! Accept the challenge and fall in love.

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