Friday, December 31, 2010

Chapter Five of Prove Your Love

Berkley jerked her backpack up and threw it on her back as soon as the bell rang; she wanted to get away from Emma as soon as possible. She knew the tears were about to come again. She couldn’t even believe that Bradley had dared bring up Sam. He knew how badly she regretted that relationship. He seemed to always love to bring it up although. It also looked like he knew exactly when she had practically forgotten Sam, when he chose to say anything about it. Irony, what a funny thing it was.

Berkley rolled her eyes as she sat her backpack down next to the mirror in the bathroom. She pulled out her makeup bag and pulled out a q-tip to wipe away the smudged eyeliner she’d happened to miss. Her eyes widened at her appearance, her face was blotchy and she had a dent in her lip from biting it so hard. Berkley didn’t think she had cried that long, but she applied some foundation quickly and threw on some eyeliner as quickly as she could. She finished right before the second bell rang and she realized she would either have to run to class or be late. She chose to half run, half walk. Luckily, she slid into her seat right before the final bell rang. She looked to see who was sitting next to her, turned out it was a really annoying girl. “Great.” Berkley mumbled to herself.

Considering that she had nobody to talk to this class period, she spent her time wondering how she would explain to Nick her signing off last night. She didn’t really have a reason. She could lie, but she would feel bad about that. By the end of class Berkley still didn’t know what she was going to say and lunch was only two hours away. Normally, she’d ask Emma for help, but since Emma would freak out saying she was totally in love; she figured that wasn’t the best choice. She decided that she would just let it go as it went, maybe even tell him she signed off frankly because she wanted to have something to talk about at lunch. The truth wasn’t always the best choice although. He would probably think she was weird and never talk to her again. Even though Berkley wasn’t interested in him, that would still break her heart to lose him so quickly.

Berkley arrived in homeroom & pulled out her iPod. She always thought well when she was listening to music. Her decision came while she was listening to I Just Laugh by Nevershoutnever. She knew she would just have to tell him the truth and hope for the best. She didn’t want to start out a friendship with a lie, no matter how small.


Lunch came a little faster than Berkley would have liked and she still hadn’t recovered from Bradley’s comment. She knew she had to face Nick, soon, or she never would. She gulped back and sat down at their table and waited for him as patiently as a little child awaiting Santa’s arrival. She tapped her nails on the table as her heart pounded violently inside of her chest. She heard a heavy breathing and turned around quickly hoping to see Nick, but nobody was there. Her eyes widened when she turned around, only to find Nick himself. “Why so jumpy?” Nick greeted her with.

“Hello to you too, ninja,” she replied trying to control her shaking voice.

“So are you going to explain why you jerkishly signed off on me last night?”

“Are you in English this semester, because I’m pretty sure jerkishly isn’t a word,” Berkley said in an attempt to calm herself.

Nick laughed, “To answer your question, I’m not in English this semester. Now it’s your turn to answer my question.”

“You want the truth?”

“No I want the funniest lie you can think of. Berkley, yes I want the truth.”

“Okay, then,” Berkley gulped as if she was about to tell the biggest secret in the world, “I signed off because, as dumb as it sounds, I wanted something to talk about to today. I wanted to add to the suspense.” She sighed as she felt a heavy burden lift from her shoulders.

Nick chuckled and said, “Really, that’s quite funny. I’m sure we could have found something to talk about without that although. It’s not like I would have given up after one day, you know that right?”

“Of course...” Berkley replied quickly and shortly as Nick looked at her with a puzzled look but he just brushed it off and proceeded to ask about her day and then tell a story about chemistry class and a random explosion.

Berkley left lunch relieved that he hadn’t rolled his eyes or seemed to think she was crazy. She was also pleased that she had told the truth.

She had also come to a realization, she couldn’t ever let herself fall for him, even a tad. She would fall head over heels before she could catch herself and maybe even before he’d be willing to catch her himself.

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