Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Santa....

Dear Jolly Saint Nick,
I thought it had been wayyyy too long since I wrote you a letter, probably not since first grade, I figured I needed to catch up with you. Well you know, considering Christmas is right around the corner. I am sure you are super busy right now, but hey I figured you'd wanna hear from the girl who is always good. Yeah, I figure you are laughing at that right now, but who even cares? How have you been? I've been pretty good. I am so excited for Christmas Eve, just because I know you will be visiting my house. I must get a few things out of the way.... I find it pretty stalkerish that you know where I live and only come when I'm sleeping. I'm sure you've stolen something from some house, atleast once in your life. I mean, wouldn't it stink if you had like diabetes too or were lactos intolerant? I mean, I wonder with all that cookie eating, maybe you would become it? I sure hope not, because I do enjoy leaving you cookies to munch on to get you through the night. How do you even stay awake all night? Do you load up on energy drinks? Do you get jetlag? These questions haunt me! Please, please, write back. I'd love you forever if you did. I figure you were expecting me to tell you what I want, so I'd say Rudolph, an autographed picture of Rudolph, some cookies, you to steal that carton of milk out of our fridge (yuck), a santa hat, a picture of you and Mrs. Claus (what is her first name? ) on vacation and can you autograph that? I would love a dolly and an etch a sketch. Okay! Thanks! Oh and what about that unicorn? I mean seriously, I've been asking for that since I was like two! I guess a new laptop would be nice and some clothes. Okay, thanks! I'll leave you extra cookies & maybe even a Monster if you reply back.
Love you!
From your favorite teenager.(:

P.S. I've been EXTRA good this year. (:

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