Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quite A Day

Today was kinda sorta stressful. I went to work around nine this morning and as I was driving it started to snow, so I was like yayy(: It's going to be a great day. I get to work and I'm working up front so I go to turn on the door and nothing exciting happened. Somebody walks up to and it doesn't open, I"m like no. this. is. not. happening. So turns out the sensor on it was frozen, so we had to leave the door OPEN. It's like 20 something degrees out and I'm sitting up there in a sweater that is like knitted so it has little holes in it, freezing myself. It was just lovely. My boss came in to get some drinks and he's like trying to fix the door and he takes it off it's tracks and puts it back on, turns out he broke it more. He pulled it too far off the track and it wouldn't go back on. Great. Then, it's snowing harder AND sticking out and it's all good again. I had only 30 minutes left til I was gonna leave and my mom calls to say that I wasn't driving home and that somebody would pick me up so I was going to have to stay and leave my car. Well, it was two o'clock and I hadn't had lunch, because I was going to eat when I got home, well I had to walk in that snow coming down so hard to the coffee shop across the little shopping center and they cashier yelled at me because I didn't know where their specials sign was. I went back to work & ate and my mom picked me up and actually told me I could drive, so I got in my car ready to drive away, pulled up to pull out of the shopping center and this ABNOXIOUS beeping starts and a red engine light comes on. I had to back off of the road and park and wait for my mom ONCE more. Luckily after about twenty minutes it went off and I drove home with my mom following behind me. Then I get home wearing my favorite sweater of all time and my wet and muddy dog jumps on my stomach and get it's all muddy, great!  It was  quite annoying day to be snowing. Now all of the snow has melted, basically and it's just raining outside.

So yeah, this is how my lovely day went, but I did actually get a picture of the snow at the coffee shop. It was very pretty(:

I hope everyone had a way better day so far than I have.
Love you guys!

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